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What Is a Stormwater Permit?

Stormwater Permit

If you are wanting to do any kind of construction on your property that involves any new buildings or other impervious areas, your local municipality might require a stormwater permit before you can begin construction.

A stormwater permit is documentation that your project has an approved construction plan that includes a stormwater management system. The permit is proof that your proposed project will manage stormwater runoff per municipality requirements.

The Stormwater Management Plan

In addition to the proposed layout of your project, a stormwater management plan should also contain enough information for a site contractor to be able to build the stormwater management system and any associated culverts and storm sewer drains and pipes required to convey runoff into the system. The plan would also contain any applicable construction details.

The stormwater management plan should also have existing and proposed contours to ensure that the site drains as intended during a rainfall event.

Where to Find the Requirements for a Stormwater Permit

The requirements for a stormwater permit are usually provided by the municipality through either a land development ordinance or an ordinance that has been established specifically for stormwater management designs.

There will typically be requirements for the management of stormwater with regard to water quality, water quantity, and stormwater rate control.

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How to Obtain a Stormwater Permit

The following are the main steps involved with obtaining a stormwater permit.

1) Research the local ordinances.

2) Prepare the stormwater management plan.

3) Prepare any associated stormwater management design calculations.

4) Complete a stormwater permit application.

5) Submit the plan and design calculations to the municipality for review.

6) Address any review comments.

7) Obtain your stormwater permit.

Hire a Civil Engineer

If a stormwater permit is required for your construction project, you might very well have to hire a professional civil engineer to prepare your permit application. This person will be able to prepare what could be a complicated plan and include a professional engineering seal which would probably be required.

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