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Recommendations for Topographic Maps


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Topographic maps provide a large amount of valuable information for those thinking about creating a land development project. Even though there are ways to obtain free maps, you may find that a topographic map in the form of a software package that is commercially available could include extra functionality that could be worth the cost.

The following are two sources of topographic maps that I would recommend. One source offers free access to maps and the other is a topographic map software package that is commercially available.

1) USGS Website

At the following link you will see a starting point for finding topographic maps for the United States. This website allows you to view and analyze information for your area of interest directly on the website. You can also download a copy of the map for your area of interest to your computer.

USGS Website for Topographic Maps

2) DeLorme Topo USA 5.0

This is software that you can use directly on your computer and that contains topographic maps of North America.

Check current pricing on Amazon.

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