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What Is the Difference Between Land Development and Construction?

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There can be some confusion when you are talking to someone and you hear the terms “land development” and “construction” in the same conversation. Someone referring to a new construction project might also call it a land development. However, they are really not the same thing.

Land development in general is the design of an alteration of land for the purpose of constructing new buildings, paved areas, and associated utilities. The design is represented on land development plans.

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Construction refers to the actual implementation of the land development plans and the building and installation of what is shown on the plans.

Who Is Involved With the Preparation of Land Development Plans

The design of a set of land development plans is a complicated process that could involve the work of many people including land planners, land surveyors, civil engineers, and environmental scientists.

Land development plans also have to be reviewed and approved by local municipalities and other applicable regulatory agencies before the plans are ready to be used for construction.

The People Involved With the Construction of a Project

Once land development plans have been reviewed and approved, various site contractors will take the plans and construct what is shown on them.

These contractors could include general contractors, excavators, pavers, and landscapers.

Land Development and Construction Are Similar but Not the Same Thing

You might hear land development and construction together but remember that they are not the same thing.

Land development is the process of designing something to be built. Construction is the actual building of that something that is to be built.

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