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Recommendations for a Land Measuring Tape

Land Measuring Tape

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Using a land measuring tape is a simple way to measure distances across land that total up to over a couple hundred of feet. For distances over 200 feet, I would suggest using a land measuring wheel.

A land measuring tape can be useful for determining distances between structures, building setbacks, and driveway dimensions. If you are looking to construct a new building on your property that has to be a certain distance from your property boundary, a land measuring tape would be a good tool to use to find that distance so that you can see if your new building would fit on your property the way you would want.

The following are three land measuring tapes that I would recommend.

Komelon 300-Foot Measuring Tape

This measuring tape is a good choice if you are expecting to take many long distance measurements that are over 100 feet.

It is also highly visible and durable.

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Komelon 100-Foot Measuring Tape

This a very popular and highly-rated measuring tape that could be good to use for most standard measurements.

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Lufkin Crescent 100-Foot Measuring Tape

This is another land measuring tape that is highly visible and durable with an affordable price.

Check out current pricing on Amazon.

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