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Recommendations for Land Measuring Wheels

Measuring Wheel

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A land measuring wheel is a device used to measure actual distances along a piece of land. A measuring wheel can be used to estimate distances such as existing building setback lengths, existing driveway dimensions, and proposed yard setback distances.

Even though I am using the word “estimate”, the distances measured with a land measuring wheel can still be somewhat accurate. However, more precise measurements would require the work of a land surveyor to survey your property or the work of a someone such as a civil engineer who can show proposed distance using cad (computer-aided design) software.

As a civil engineer myself, I will still sometimes use a measuring wheel at a project site to take measurements.

The following are three land measuring wheels that I would recommend.

Zozen Measuring Wheel With Digital Display

The wheel that I personally use does not have a digital display. This Zozen wheel has a digital display that would be make it easier to see your measurements and to reset the counter to zero to start a new measurement.

This wheel also has many great reviews with average pricing.

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Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus III

This particular measuring wheel also includes a digital display. However, the wheel does more than just measure distances. It can use your measured distances to calculate areas, volumes, and other valuable information.

This wheel is also accompanied by a carrying case for easy storage when it is not being used.

Check out current pricing on Amazon.

Zozen Measuring Wheel With Double Wheel

I chose this wheel for my recommendation list because of its simple design. It collapses to a very portable size and the double wheel adds some extra stability while taking measurements.

Check our current pricing on Amazon.

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