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5 Places to Find a Land Surveyor

Find Land Surveyor

If you could use the services for a land surveyor, there are a few places where you can start your research to find one. There are many land surveying businesses out there so that it would be a good idea to list a couple that you want find further information about before deciding which one to choose.

The following are five places where you can find a land surveyor.

1) Online search
2) Referrals
3) Land development plans
4) Company signs
5) Civil engineering businesses

1. Online Search

Just like with many other things these days, an online search is an easy way to search for a land surveyor. You would type in “land surveyor” for the search phrase along with the location of your project.

Doing this should get you results with phone numbers and also website addresses where you can obtain information about a particular land surveying company.

2. Referrals

Referrals from someone you know who has worked with a land surveyor would be another good way to find a surveyor. You would ask this person questions about the services of the surveyor and maybe even see the results of the surveying work through the survey plans that were prepared by the land surveyor.

3. Land Development Plans

If you have access to any land development plans for a property that is located in the same general area as your site, you could get the name of the surveyor who prepared the plans from one of the sheets of the plan set.

A land development plan set that has been prepared properly should have the land surveyor name either on the cover sheet or in a general notes section of the first main sheet of the plan set. Even if all you can see is the land surveyor name, you can use that information to research information about that company through an online search.

4. Company Signs

Another way to find names of land surveying companies to add to your research is to take note of the signs used by these businesses. You can tell if a company is involved with surveying if it uses the words “land surveying” in its signs.

These signs could be office signs or they could be vehicle signs. If you see a survey crew outside somewhere doing survey work, there is a good chance that a company survey truck is nearby with signage on the side that would include contact information for the company.

5. Civil Engineering Businesses

Civil engineering businesses that are involved with land development will often times have their own survey department. If you are already using a civil engineering company to prepare land development plans for you, this company could be using their own survey department to do the survey work for your project.

If you are not currently using a land development engineering company, you can do an online search for land development engineers to locate the ones in your area that also provide surveying services.

Land Surveying Services Can Be Expensive

As expensive as land surveying services can be, it could be worth putting in some extra time and effort toward researching companies before choosing one to work on your project. The examples above are good starting points for creating your list of companies to consider.

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