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What Does a Typical Land Survey Cost?

Land Surveyor Costs

A land survey of the property that you want to develop is what would be required to prepare an existing conditions plan that would be necessary for creating a full development plan.

A typical land survey can cost between $800 and $2,000 with the actual cost depending on different factors. The largest factor is probably the size of your property. A lot that is ten acres is usually going to require more time and expense for a land survey than a lot that is only one acre. More area to cover means more data that has to be obtained for a survey plan.

Another factor involved in the total cost of a land survey is the complexity of the site. A lot that is one acre of mostly meadow area will probably involve more time and expense to survey than a lot that is one acre that already contains some existing building and paved areas.

Something else that can contribute to the cost of a land survey is the variation in the ground slope of the site. A site with many different areas of varying slopes will probably take more time to survey than a site that has a relatively uniform slope throughout the property.

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What Is Included in a Land Survey

The following are some of the main items that could be included in a land survey for which you would be charged.

1) Obtaining survey information in the field.
2) Adding the data from the field into the CAD (computer-aided drafting) file.
3) Drafting and labeling the various parts of the existing conditions plan.
4) Create existing contours in the CAD file.

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Other Charges You Can Expect

The following are a couple of other miscellaneous charges that you might see on an invoice related to land surveying services.

1) Preparing the survey equipment for use in the field.
2) Traveling to and from the site.
3) The paper required to plot out plans.

Consult With the Land Surveyor

Since a land survey can vary so much depending on your site, it would be a good idea to consult directly with the land surveyor you would be hiring to discuss what you should expect to have to pay for surveying services. The surveyor should be able to provide you with a reasonable estimate of what your total costs would be.

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