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Recommendations for Construction Grading Books

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Once a proposed land development project is designed and approved by all applicable municipalities and review agencies, the next step is to actually construct the project. One major element of a construction project for a land development is the grading of the earth to get the land to match the approved plans.

There are at least a couple of books available that discuss site grading at the design phase of a project and at the construction phase of a project.

The following are two construction grading books that I would recommend.

1) Landscape Site Grading Principles by Bruce G. Sharky

This book discusses the topic of site grading at the design phase of a new land development project.

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2) Excavation & Grading Handbook by Nick Capachi

This is a good reference book that includes photographs and diagrams. This is information that could be beneficial to know even if you are not doing the construction yourself so that you can follow how your land development plans are being constructed.

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