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5 Common Terms Used in Land Subdivision

Terms for Subdivision

Someone going through the process of subdividing land can tell you that there are many different parts involved with a subdivision.

The following are five common terms that are used in the area of land subdivision.

1) Subdivision
2) Ordinance
3) Plat
4) Boundary survey
5) Land surveyor

1. Subdivision

A land subdivision is the dividing of a large parcel of land into smaller parcels of land per local ordinance requirements.

2. Ordinance

A subdivision ordinance is the set of regulations established by a local municipality that describes the requirements to be met for a proposed land subdivision to be approved.

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3. Plat

A subdivision plat is the plan showing the official approved subdivision of the original lot.

4. Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is the measurement and verification of the property boundary of a existing lot and of the proposed lot lines of new lots.

5. Land Surveyor

A land surveyor is the person who will visit the property to be subdivided to do the boundary survey for the project. This person might also be responsible for creating the proposed subdivision plan to be reviewed and approved by the governing municipality.

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Hiring a Professional

If you are thinking about subdividing your property, hiring a proper professional should be one of the first steps you take. This person would be able to answer your questions and would have the license that would probably be required to prepare your land subdivision plans.

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