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What Is a Subdivision Ordinance?

Subdivision Ordinance

A subdivision ordinance refers to the set of regulations established by a municipality related to the subdivision of land.

Because a land subdivision often involves the preparation of land development plans for the resulting smaller land parcels at the same time as the preparation of the subdivision plans, a subdivision ordinance will usually be found within the same section of the municipal regulations as the land development ordinance. This ordinance is often referred to collectively as the SALDO which stands for Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

The SALDO will contain the many design requirements involved with the preparation of subdivision and land development plans.

Not to Be Confused With a Zoning Ordinance

A subdivision and land development ordinance should not be confused with the zoning ordinance of a municipality.

A zoning ordinance will describe what can be done with your land with regards to items such as minimum lot sizes, minimum building setback distances, and maximum impervious areas. The requirements of this ordinance would be a large factor in determining the shapes of the parcels resulting from your land subdivision.

The SALDO would then be used mainly to determine the various design requirements for developing the land on the proposed lots and creating the resulting subdivision and land development plans.

Where to Find Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances

Many subdivision and land development ordinances these days can be found for free online at the website of a municipality.

If your municipality does not have their ordinances available online, you might have to order a hard copy of them by calling the municipality and requesting one.

A Critical Part of the Land Development Project

The SALDO is a critical part of a land development project. It is what is used to properly design a subdivision and land development plan that would eventually have to be approved by a municipality.

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