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What Is a Title Block in a Land Development Plan?

Title Block

A title block is the rectangular area of information in a land development plan set that identifies various pieces of the project and the plan. It is one of the first things that a designer will create for a new project and is what allows anyone reading the plans to quickly determine some information about the project.

What Is Included in a Title Block

The following are common items found in the title blocks of a plan set.

1) Project name – This is the chosen name for the project.

2) Project location – This could include the local municipality as well as the state within the project is located.

3) Original plan date – The original date is the date the plan was originally created or at least finalized for the first submission that is sent to a reviewing agency.

4) Name and contact information for the land development company who designed the plans – Anyone with questions about the plans could use this information to contact the company who designed the plans.

5) Project number assigned by the land development company – The project number is usually a number created by the company as an internal way of identifying the project using a system that is specific to that company.

6) Sheet number – The sheet number will usually be accompanied by the total number of sheets in the entire plan set.

Where the Title Block is Located

The title block is usually located in either the lower right corner of a plan sheet or along the right edge of the plan sheet.

Regardless of where the title block is located on the plan sheet, it should be located on every plan sheet of the entire plan set.

What Ties the Sheets of a Land Development Plan Together

The title block of a set of land development plan is what ties the individual sheets together. Anyone reading a particular sheet can use the title block to relate that sheet to the rest of the sheets in the set.

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